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Who we are

At Corte della Maddalena you will be welcomed by Vincenzo and Rosi, two people who, first of all, have a deep knowledge of the history and culture of the Apennines region and who love storytelling.

If you will like, during your stays at Corte della Maddalena, you can listen to stories about the past of this part of the Apennines and its people, learn about these magical hidden places and discover them yourselves; walk along narrow paths, at slow pace, trying to understand this land you have under your feet or, run along the mountain trails with your trekking shoes on.

Vincenzo and Rosi are also environmental guides with official authorization issued by the Emilia- Romagna Region and are therefore, two professional guides.

They are also the creators of the Ventasso Eco-marathon and furthermore they are engaged in the recovery of the history and identity of the Apennines.

Rosi has a degree in History and, by combining her love for the mountains and for history, several books on the Apennines were born alongside many live testimonies. Together, Vincenzo and Rosi, also work to restore the old archive of the local photographer of the Apennines, Amanzio Fiorini, Rosi’s grandfather, who took thousands of pictures of the people living in these mountains, pictures that you can admire at Corte della Maddalena and which have their own story to tell.


At Corte della Maddalena silence also reins, for you to have a relaxing and peaceful stay with us. Vincenzo and Rosi will accompany your days with the sweetness of homemade cakes and dinners with dishes that taste of the Apennines.

To know more about the guided trips made by Vincenzo and Rosi, please visit Ventasso Trekking


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